Students make case for salad bar to Arcola school board

There’s no arugula in the Arcola junior high cafeteria, but as reported in the Champaign News Gazette, there may be soon, if students participating in the Our American Voice program have their way.

Through OAV, seventh and eighth graders learned how to really do their homework, civics-style.  They conducted a scientific survey of their peers to show the next generation really does prefer healthy eating to typical cafeteria and vending fare, sussing out the ideal selection down to the last vegetable.

They determined a salad bar would be the best way to make healthy foods available to all who want them, brainstormed locations with the cafeteria staff, researched Illinois school nutrition law for support, even explored potential partnership opportunities with other school organizations and the local community.

All of which went into a major presentation they made this week to the Arcola School Board, seeking permission to implement their plan in the coming school year.  Now they are awaiting what they strongly hope will be a positive response.

“Making school changes is a long process,” reports program educator Jeana Craft. There’s a lot of hoops to jump through and a lot of people to get involved, but it really helps bring our community together for a better cause for our kids.”

For more on the project and to hear what participating students have to say about it, check out the full article in the News Gazette.  We’ll be updating this story as it continues to develop.

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