Oakville’s OAV program honors veterans with year-round support

As reported in the Danville’s Commercial News, Oakville Junior High’s Our American Voice team has been busy throughout the year brainstorming and carrying out projects in their community, with a special emphasis on supporting and honoring the area’s veterans.  Fall’s main focus was on planning and supporting a Veteran’s Day event, which brought the students together with soldiers from World War II, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and Afghanistan.  This spring they’ve been cleaning, maintaining, and beautifying a nearby cemetery where many servicemen are at rest.

Oakville social studies teacher Damon Ehrett, who facilitates the program, puts it this way: “What can you do when you’re 12 or 13 to be active in the community? You can’t vote and you can’t run for mayor.”  His students are answering that question with spades and many other implements and, adds Ehrett, veterans and their families are “thrilled to have young people taking an interest in the community.”

For more on this story, check out the full article in the Commercial News and listen to an interview with teacher Ehrett, his principal, and students on WDAN’s Newsmakers show.

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