Check out what the OAV kids have been up to. Click the links to visit the OAV Facebook page and learn how the students showcased their projects. Then consider helping to bring this program to more schools and communities.

Arcola, IL

Arcola Junior High

2020: Drinking Fountain Upgrade

2019: Sunshine clean up and recycling projects

2018: Honoring senior citizens though a “Senior Prom” dance

Berwyn, IL

Emerson Elementary

2020: School Safety Lockdown Door Shades

2019: Classroom safety: providing door window covers

2018: Clean drinking water project

Hiawatha Elementary

2020: Census Participation Project

2019: Projects – Book drive / Homeless and hungry / Trash cans / Crossing guards

2018: Designing and implementing the election of Hiawatha’s first student council

Irving Elementary

2020: Motivational Wall | Census video

2019: Spreading positivity through motivational school murals

2018: Improving school safety by having a new, wider fence gate to the playground installed

Komensky Elementary

2020: Covid 19 Masks for School Families

2018: Climate change awareness and painting a green-screen tech wall

Pershing Elementary

2020: Community Playground Renewal | Census video

2019: Junior-Senior Citizens Club

2018: Celebration of Illinois’ 200th birthday through creation of an Illinois Museum and Civics Education Learning Center.

Piper Elementary

2020: Inspirational Sayings | Census video

2019: Equality Climbing Wall

2018: Fostering charitable connections in the school community

Freedom Middle

2020: Memory Fence

2019: Memory Fence

2018: Beautify Berwyn Campaign, including an art project for the underpass near the school, an art in the community program, park restoration, and more

Heritage Middle

2020: Restroom Restoration/ Civil Right Awareness/ School Uniform Policy Review

2019: Multiple drives to collect food, clothes, personal care items, books for those in need plus a voter registration drive

2018: Homeless assistance program

Chicago, IL

Chase Elementary

2020: Census Awareness Project

2019: School recycling project

Ella Flagg Young Elementary

2020: Middle School Career Day

2019: Community resource awareness project

2018: Anti-bullying program

Healy Elementary

2020: Custodians Appreciation Day

2019: Positive School Climate restroom door inspiration

2018: Welcoming bench to help students make new friends and Kindness Week

Solomon Elementary

2020: Sending Veterans Cards and Artwork

2019: Civics fair and Golden Rule mural

Danville, IL

Oakwood Junior High


2020-oakwood-junior-high/”>Improving School Wifi

2019: Flag pole restoration and landscaping projects

2018: Kickapoo State Park “trash busters” cleanup and environmental responsibility campaign

Downers Grove, IL

Lester Elementary

2020: Sensory Pathway Project

2019: School hallway inspirational quotes

2018: Created “mix-it-up days,” a lottery-based engagement providing opportunities for students to connect with new members of other classes and grades.

Evergreen Park, IL

Central Middle School

2020: Students with Disabilities Support & Community Support


Mattoon, IL

Riddle Elementary

2020: Pet Shelter Support

2019: OAV Problem Solvers – inspirational bathroom quotes/ playground basketball nets

2018: Hurricane disaster aid and food drive.

Mattoon Middle

2020: Inspirational Sayings Encouraging Citizenship and Leadership

2019: Water fountain filtration project

2018: Buddies for Social Emotional Learning Initiative & team-building and exercise breaks for 6th-grade students

Melrose Park, IL

Scott Elementary

2020: Clean Up Crew & Garbage Cans for Park

2019: Homeless supply bags

2018: Honored the unsung heroes in the school and community

Peoria, IL

Harrison Community Learning Center

2020: Community Garden Part II & Build a Better School Community Club

2019: Community garden

Roosevelt Magnet

2020: Repainting and Repairing Courtyard Art

2019: School food pantry stocking/support

Somonauk, IL

Somonauk Middle School

2020: Necessities Project & Handicapped Parking Signs


Springfield, IL

Dubois Elementary

2020: Animal Cruelty Prevention

2019: Adoption/foster children  support

2018: Designed and implemented team-building activities that enhance student relationships and reward positive behavior.

Owen Marsh Elementary

2020: Homeless Shelter Support


Wadsworth, IL

Prairie Trail Elementary

2020: Hot Political Topic Community Education Project

2019: Diversity & Respect posters in the school and community

2018: Environmental Awareness Education Day & local area cleanup

Waukegan, IL

Clearview Elementary

2020: Hope to Our School Community Homeless Support & Pet Shelter | What Can a Clearview Citizen Do?

2019: Poverty and senior support

2018: Designed and painted inspirational murals in the school hallways to instill school pride and positive behavior.

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