OAV 2020: Central Middle School

The OAV students from Central Middle School of Evergreen Park Elementary School District 124 conducted community research and decided to hold fundraisers to help Evergreen Park Community Farm and its programming for students with disabilities in addition to participating in a buddy program. Learn more about their project and the impact of putting civics into […]

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OAV 2020 Lester Elementary

OAV 2020: Lester Elementary

The OAV students from Downers Grove District 58 Lester Elementary were preparing to create a sensory path in one of the hallways of the school to allow students a place to follow a path while completing a series of physical movements. They met with an occupational therapist to help them select and design the path, […]

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Owen Marsh Elementary

OAV 2020: Owen Marsh Elementary

OAV students from Springfield Public Schools District 186 Owen Marsh Elementary interviewed members of the community to ask what issue they should address. The overwhelming response was homelessness. The group then contacted two local shelters to ask what they needed and put civics into action to help them out.

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Clearview Citizens

What Can a Clearview Citizen Do?

Staff and students from Waukegan Public Schools Clearview Elementary School completed the following OAV Civic Action & Engagement Choice Board activity: List one way you make a positive impact on your home, school, or community. Superstar facilitator Rosie Cardenas compiled the images from pre and post quarantine into this video.

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