Arcola, IL

  • Arcola Junior High – Honor Senior Citizens for their positive contribution to the community and school. Hold a “Senior Prom” Dance

Berwyn, IL

  • Emerson Elementary – Clean drinking water project. Install a water filtration fountain and reusable bottle filler in the gym.
  • Hiawatha Elementary – Design and implement the election of Hiawatha School’s first Student Council.
  • Irving Elementary – Safe School Playground Exits. Install new, wider fence gate to the playground to permit safe entrance and exit , especially for fire drills.
  • Komensky Elementary – Komensky School “Climate Change Project”. School mural /art work.  Painting of a “Green Screen” tech wall.
  • Pershing Elementary – Community and School celebration of Illinois’ 200 Birthday.  Create an Illinois Museum and Civics Education Learning Center.
  • Piper Elementary School – Creating charitable connections in the school community. Sponsor “Charity of the Month” and activities to raise donations.
  • Freedom Middle School –  Beautifying Berwyn. Art project for underpass near Freedom. (art in the community, park restoration, YMCA collaboration, Berwyn City Planner etc.)
  • Heritage Middle School – Homeless Assistance Program. Creation of essential items needs bags to be delivered to area homeless

Chicago, IL

  • Ella Flagg Young Elementary – School-wide Anti-Bullying Program
  • Healy Elementary – “Welcoming Bench and Awareness Program” for the playground. OAV fundraiser to purchase and decorate bench used for students to make new friends at school. “Kindness Week”
  • Providence Englewood Charter School – Research and fundraise to purchase the first hallway lockers for students.
  • St. Phillip Neri – School-wide Anti-Bullying Program.
  • Little Black Pearl High School – Alternative Assessment Awareness in CPS Schools to allow students to demonstrate mastery beyond standardized tests.

Danville, IL

  • Oakwood Junior High School –  “Trash Busters” Kickapoo State Park Cleanup and environmental responsibility campaign

Downers Grove, IL

  • Lester Elementary – Mix-It-Up Days providing opportunities for students to connect with new members of other classes and grades. Developing new relationships and respect.

Forest Park, IL

  • Forest Park Middle School – Forest Park Footbridge Beautification project.

Mattoon, IL

  • Riddle Elementary – Hurricane Disaster Aid and Food Drive
  • Mattoon Middle School – 7thGrade Buddies for Social Emotional learning.  Design and implement team building and exercise breaks for 6thgrade students with a lesson on positive behavior.

Melrose Park, IL

  • Scott Elementary –  Honoring the unsung heroes in their school and community for all they do to serve the students and residents

Springfield, IL

  • Dubois Elementary – Design and implement team building activities that enhance student relationships and reward positive behavior.
  • Fairview Elementary – Create a Homeless Assistance Program. Movie Night fundraisers for the purchase of needed items.  Create a connection between the school and local homeless shelter.

Wadsworth, IL

  • Prairie Trail Elementary – Environmental Awareness Education and local area cleanup day.

Waukegan, IL

  • Clearview Elementary – Design and paint inspirational murals in the school hallways to instill school pride and positive behavior.
  • Cristo Rey St. Martin High School – Environmental improvement and education by bringing useful plant life into their new school building. Education of fellow students on the positive effects of indoor plants on air quality.