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  • Dream Building In Berwyn

    Come and they will build it. Komensky OAV raises money, partners with businesses and non-profits, designs, and builds a new, all-inclusive playground...

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  • Improving The View In Waukegan

    Students in Clearview Elementary School's Our American Voice program decided early on they needed to raise school pride and, by looking in the humblest of locations, found an uncanny way to do it...

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Bringing civics to life

So what? And what can I do? These are typical reactions to traditional civics education, and the primary reason knowledge of our institutions and, increasingly, our understanding of their importance, is so weak. The underlying premise of Our American Voice®, a civics education program for later elementary and middle school students, is that we learn by doing, and by making doing count.   To fully know, understand, and appreciate our Constitution and system of government, we believe we need to live it, and live it every day.

Like other civics programs, Our American Voice begins with the fundamentals of democracy--how government works--but then takes a critical additional step by teaching students how to apply these learnings to their local communities, form vigorous partnerships with other organizations, and create living projects and campaigns that generate real results.

Now in its twelfth year, OAV reaches students at the ideal age to inculcate engagement. Optimized for schools in the current high-stakes testing environment, it's designed to give civics its due.  Educators in the program receive training and support and there are numerous opportunities provided for school project teams to share learnings and collaborate, culminating in an end-of-year Summit during which students meet with elected representatives and show their completed work.

OAV checks all the boxes for the kind of general education/interdisciplinary program that ought to be in every school--it emphasizes creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, problem-solving, action research, leadership, persistence, and communication.  But it does something more. OAV students learn that with our rights come responsibilities and that the challenges and opportunities in a democracy require the ongoing, concerted engagement of every citizen.

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