Citizen U®

The Barat Education Foundation (BEF) is a consortium partner in the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Program. Since 2004, BEF has trained thousands of teachers in Illinois and nationally in the use of the Library of Congress digital resources impacting over 500,000 students.

Citizen U is BEF’s current initiative with the Library of Congress: It has two major components: the Citizen U Civics Resource Center and the Citizen U Primary Source Nexus.


Citizen U® Civics Resource Center

The Citizen U® Civics Resource Center features a Civics Lesson Library and Teacher Professional Development Resources: . The Civics Lesson Library includes over 200 lessons with contributions from the Library of Congress, TPS Consortium Partners and teachers from across the country. The professional development resources are 8 micro-credentials focused on teaching with primary source developed and provided in partnership with the National Education Association and 2 micro-credentials developed and provided in partnership with the DePaul University Office of Innovative Professional Learning.

Citizen U® Primary Source Nexus

BEF’s Citizen U® Primary Source Nexus website reaches hundreds of thousands of educators and administrators across the nation and around the world. This website provides access to curated primary source resources available through the Library of Congress and has been visited by over a million teachers and students from every state and U.S. territory and more than 150 countries.