OAV – 4 Core Principles – 10 Essential Lessons

OAV – 4 Core Principles – 10 Essential Lessons 

  1. Citizenship is a way of life, not a singular event
  2. With our rights and freedoms come responsibilities
  3. The success of the individual and community are interdependent
  4. The informed participation of the people shapes and sustains our democracy

OAV recognizes that teachers experience increasing stress and demands during their school day. To address this challenge, OAV teachers designated 10 Essential Lessons in the OAV curriculum to allow students to engage with the key concepts in each of the four OAV Core Principles.

  1. Citizenship & the Common Good
  2. Rules, Laws, Responsibilities
  3. I’m More Than You See
  4. Power to the People
  5. A Living Document
  6. News, Perspective, Bias
  7. Everyone’s Voices
  8. Making It Better
  9. Federal, State, Local Government
  10. Impacts of Congress

All OAV lessons are available for teachers to present as their schedule permits.

The Citizen U Multidisciplinary Civics Lesson Library continues to expand and currently includes nearly 200 lessons, with contributions from the Library of Congress, TPS Consortium Partners and teachers from across the country. OAV teachers also have unlimited access to the Citizen U lessons.

OAV, in conjunction with the Citizen U lessons, aligns with the effective civic education requirements set out  by these national groups:

  • College, Career and Civic Life C-3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards
  • Civics Framework for the 2014 National Assessment of Education Project
  • Educating for Democracy Roadmap
  • Guardian of Democracy Report
  • National Council for Social Studies (NCSS) Civic Education Position Statement
  • Impact of Service Learning on Students Social and Emotional Learning Meta-Analysis